Aerial Yoga is accessible to everyone!

We have many different levels, all incorporated into one class:

Beginner Aerial

Aerial Yoga

Aerial FUN!

Stretch and strengthen your body while using the hammock to counteract gravity.

Aerial style fitness is gentle on your joints while allowing you support to achieve new poses!

Improve your balance.

Great for your core.

This fitness style can help you to go deeper into your yoga poses,  deeper into your meditation,  bring oxygen to your brain and a smile to your face!

Tips for class:

Remember the fabric can snag.

Please refrain from wearing jewelry or clothing that can snag or tear.

You might want to wear a shirt with sleeves and capri length or longer pants,

especially if you have sensitive skin.

Stay away from loose or baggy clothing.

Please observe good personal hygiene, wear deodorant, and avoid heavy perfumes in consideration for the next person using the hammock and fabric care.

Be sure to arrive promptly and ready to begin class on time.

For the safety of the other students, you may not be allowed to enter the class late.

Aerial Yoga Classes must be pre-registered and pre-paid

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